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FW Hempel
F. W. Hempel & Co.
Erze und Metalle
(GmbH & Co.) KG
Weißensteinstr. 70
46149 Oberhausen
Phone +49 208 456780
Fax +49 208 45678-444

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F. W. Hempel & Co is a privately owned and managed mediumsized group of companies (Mittelstand) dealing worldwide in recycling, processing and distribution of metals.
The companies of the Hempel Group supply metals to the steel, foundry, metal processing and chemical industries in Europe delivering high service, excellent quality and good availability of the metals. As an important link in the global value-added chain in the metal processing industry, we make use of the worldwide operating base that has been built up over several generations.
Our business partners can rely on our delivery time and dates as well as prices and product characteristics. Our technical innovative strength provides our customer with all possibilities/options to solve specific individual problems.