Cultual engagement
Cultual engagement
Cultual engagement
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Symbolism of a crypt

The readiness and the responsibility of our internationally aligned group also finds its expression in the promotion of art and in cultural commitment.
Thus the Hempel Group supports in various forms cultural and musical projects, to make a small contribution to the promotion and support of the regional culture in each individual country of our activity. "Symbolism of a crypt" – this work of art was formed in a 10-year-ongoing process as a meditation room for students of music, in particular students of church music.
The pictures shown there are in one room and are to be understood as a complete and comprehensive work of art.
The pictures are based on the Hebrew alphabet. The "crypt" is placed in an area below the "Partikasaal" of the Robert Schumann Musikhochschule, Duesseldorf.
You will receive further information about the crypt by following link

The university of music is supported and promoted by the "Society of the friends & promoters of the Robert Schumann Hochschule Duesseldorf e.V."