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Christiane and Claudia Hempel foundation

This foundation actively supports research of clinical stem cells at the medical faculty of the Heinrich-Heine-University at Duesseldorf. This university has a world-wide reputation of having successfully researched and applied treatments in this particular area. These successes are not only restricted to cardiology and neurology (research of effective treatments of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer and similar diseases) but also apply to other medical faculties such as children’s tumours and leukaemia, dentistry, nephrology, pneumology, urology and others. The creation of a graduate school for stem cell research is in the process of being established. Considering the rapid progress being made in the area of clinical stem cell research, there is certainly cause for hope that effective treatments for a wide range of serious illnesses will be available within just a few years.
With a yearly prize award the foundation also induces young scientists to continuously search for solutions in the field of clinical stem cells. We have signed a research contract with the orthopaedic faculty of the Heinrich Heine University in order to research and create possible therapies to treat deficiencies like cartilage and bone defects with clinical stem cells by the use of titanium.

Support for the research of clinical stem cells

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